Strategies for Garden Pesks

Last time we talked about plants that deer aren’t really into chomping on, but deer are not the only pests that gardeners have to contend with. Other pests can range from mammals like moles to insects like the tomato hornworm.

Obviously the strategy for dealing with these to buggers are totally different. Today we’ll focus on the very general broad strokes you can start to implement in any garden.

Fencing: Vegetable gardens are an open invitation for rabbits and other mammals looking for a tasty snack. We suggest making either a regular fence or the style that completely covers the garden.

Pest Repelling Plants: The list for this is so long I think I’ll dedicate a whole post to it someday, but for now here a re a few ideas to get you going! Many herbs, such as basil, lemongrass, and rosemary, all deter insects. Many flowering plants do as well, including marigolds, chrysanthemums,  and nasturtiums.

Non-toxic Concoctions: We aren’t huge fans of synthetic chemicals and have come tested a few solutions you can make to keep the pests away. One that comes to mind is a deer repellent made using hot sauce and garlic. It really does work, deer cannot stand it! The only issue is you must reapply when it rains.

Dog Fur: Yea, it sounds crazy, and maybe it is, but I swear that using my husky’s hair around my garden would keep animals like rabbits at bay. The good thing is, I have an endless supply as he sheds year round!

Do you have any unconventional gardening techniques you use? Let us know!

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