Gardening and Deer

If you checked us out over here you would know we are all about gardening, plants, flowers, and the outdoors.

Since it’s spring I wanted to talk about planning a garden. I’m in Michigan, and so of course there is my region to consider for what plants will work. But I also live in an area where there is a lot of woods, which means a lot of shade.

It also means a lot of deer.

Deer are indiscriminate eaters! If they are hungry they will eat things they don’t prefer, but the best thing to do is try and deal with them by not providing what they consider tasty treats. So, while there is no ‘deer proof’ plant a few they don’t like are included below. These would all be good selections for the northeast.

Bee Balm: I love Bee Balm for it bright flowers and funky blooms and bonus it attracts butterflies and humming birds. This perennial likes the sun, but what about my wooded shade filled landscape?

Japanese Painted Fern: Well, there is a beautiful plant called a Japanese Painted Fern. It’s slow growing and has a beautiful color and can add a wonderful texture to your landscape.

Lilly of the Valley: This one is also a shade lover, but unlike the fern it spreads quickly. It also has little white blooms on it that are so fragrant. I really enjoy this one

Meadow Rue: This is another bloomer and comes in a lot of colors- pink, purple, blue. Unlike the Bee Balm, they are small blooms, so they are delicate and add a dusting of color.

Turtlehead: Really I just had to list this one because the name is too cute! It also blooms in either pink or white. It’s a nice selection to round out your garden because it blooms later in the year and into the fall.

If you don’t live in the northeast, not to worry! The best thing you can do is go to a local garden center. Unlike the big chain stores, they will carry plants pertinent to your region and they tend to be knowledgeable about what will work for your landscape.

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